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Fred was born in 1960 and grew up and went school in Salisbury. He studied Graphics at Salisbury Art College before working in the advertising industry as a graphic designer.


In 1990 Fred became self employed and started to develop an Illustrative style. His illustrations were used widely in the UK Publishing industry for such titles as The Radio Times, Readers Digest, and the Sunday papers among others.


One of America’s leading art publishers, Bentley, sold his art prints worldwide and later he had success with Washington Green in the UK.


Fred continues to draw and paint, on a variety of subjects in a range of mediums, landscapes, cityscapes and railways feature strongly. He works from his home studio in Salisbury.


One of his biggest projects to date is the Milford Bridge Mural in Salisbury.


Most recent projects include capturing in charcoal drawings the 70 or so pubs that have existed in Salisbury since the 1970s.


Milford Bridge Mural

contact me

Fred Fieber

65 Rampart Road




01722 414828

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